Faint Impressions of Myself
Thursday, January 01, 2004
that fuckin' bored ass feeling. have everything need. don't have the energy to call anyone. i'm sick of being the lonely adventurer.
I'm hoping some one out there will read this and then via chaos theory effect in some way. i'm in a mental rut. one that i usually visit about once a month. i wouldn't call it depression b/c its probably normal to feel a low a couple times a month. It irks me now that i don't know any one else who really goes thru this. i'm sure others do. but i hate this feeling of fatigue and boredom. frustration with my current state. great things might be waiting for me but i can't help but feel what i'm feelin. hooked on feelin. why am i living in new york? why don't i ever do what i really want? why am i never in a relationship i care about? why don't i have the energy do much of anything?

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